Journals consider online posts published, so I no longer share my Na/GloPoWriMo poems. But I’ll share a favorite line or image at the end of the week.

A word from yesterday’s poem: “bully”

A word from today’s: “Mars”

This new series about, well, “Poetry in America,” is so good. So good! SO GOOD! I love the first two episodes that focus on Emily Dickinson’s “I cannot dance upon my Toes” and Edward Hirsch’s “Fast Break.”

Sunday Task

I have 17 poems that feel ready to send out today (they never feel that way the day after sending them out, but that is one of the prices.) So how do I group them in 1 to 8-poem manuscripts that will go out to each of 13+ potential markets?

I have no idea. I’ve never had so many ready before.

I printed them out—also good for a final editing pass—and now drop them on the floor to play with them like a puzzle.

🎵 Several weeks into my tour of Sufjan Stevens’ discography, I’ve made it to 2009 and “The BQE”, a very different project from his other albums. Or is it?! This one is an audiovisual exploration of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. I’m listening to the soundtrack now, and saved the video on Vimeo to watch this weekend. Beautiful orchestral work so far.

Are we all deleting our Facebook accounts?

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If we all move to…

And no way to capture in a few words the phenomenon that is Mary Jo Bang, the instructor who led our poetry workshop. A glimpse at our poems through her eyes was a revelation. She saw us in our work better than we see ourselves.

I am a new poet.

Life-changing experience at the Tucson Festival of Books Masters Workshop 2018. There’s no way to summarize how valuable and inspiring these past 2.5 days spent with so many talented poets, writers, and master instructors, as well as the wonderful Director Meg Files and her team, have been.

📚 Heading to the Tucson Festival of Books soon. I’m at The Writers Studio Tucson booth for an hour to talk about my experience in their workshops and then I’m attending workshops and talks by Nancy Kress and Billy Collins.

🎵 I cannot listen to “Le jardin féerique” by Maurice Ravel (used to devastating effect in Call Me By Your Name) without my heart physically hurting me. And yet I keep listening to it. It’s so achingly beautiful.